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(Ryan McGinley)(ライアン・マッギンレー)(Body Loud!)

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Tokyo: Opera City Art Gallery
Condition: As New
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Ryan McGinley is widely known as one of America’s most important photographers today. His work has been used for the CD jacket of rock band Sigur Ros and appears frequently in art and fashion magazines. McGinley already has a well-established fan base in Japan. The majority of the figures who appear in his works are nudes. Often seen scampering across fields, leaping from trees, or lying in the snow, these characters are not professional models, and their sense of vulnerability and freedom is captured at the moment they remove their clothes.
McGinley is also known as a great fan of The Smiths vocalist, Morrisey, and followed him on his North America tour to capture scenes of passionate fans and the rapture with which Morrisey’s concerts were met. This exhibition, McGinley’s first museum show in Japan, features a 20m installation of his acclaimed “Year Book” project, amongst 50 works spanning his career.