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(Michael Borremans) (The Badger’s Song)


Cologn: Walther König ,1st edition,2020, Hardcover with dust jacket.
Condition: Good, Shelfwear,Rubbed edges, A bumped edges at bottom on front cover. On dust jacket,discolored edges,spine and back cover.(See the photos. There are many discolored parts on the back. They look like traces of white ink.) Also,a trace of price sticker. Book is very good condition.

Shipped from Germany

Belgian artist Michaël Borremans is a master of contradiction. His paintings draw heavily from 18th-century portraiture techniques, but depict scenes that are stranger and more surreal than they first appear: in one painting, children dance in a circle, cloaked in black robes; in another, a woman attempts to cram her whole hand into her mouth. Avoiding any suggestion of a specific time or place, Borremans’s eerie images are situated just slightly beyond the realms of possibility. His dark sense of humor and technical virtuosity are synthesized into a uniquely unsettling and endlessly fascinating experience for viewers.

This volume provides an overview of all of Borremans’s work since 2013, presented in seven different series of paintings. The majority of works collected here have never before been published.