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(Julius Cavero)(The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170)


Paris: From here to fame, 1st edition, 2005 Hardcover with dust jacket. French language.
Condition: Very good, Minor shelfwear and rubbed edges, Slightly yellowed on top side, excellent condition otherwise.

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

The life story of graffiti writer T-Kid 170 from,gang member to style mentor for urban youth. At,the age of 16 Julius Cavero was shot three times,in a gang shoot out in a park. He only just,survived, and while lying in hospital with little,else to do he began to draw, and it was there that,he chose to become T-Kid 170. He grew up in the,golden age of hip hop and became one of the,leading figures in the emerging New York graffiti,scene. His work was also reproduced in the seminal,Subway Art and he was soon an international,star. This is the uncensored Bronx hip hop story.