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(Willy Spiller)(ウィリー・スパイラー)(Subway New York)

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Zürich: Edition Stemmle
Condition: Good, On front and back cover, edges are yellowed by aging. A faint bumped corner on top spine. A few creases around corners. (See the photo.) Inside is excellent condition.

Shipped from Germany. NO,RETURN.

photographer Willy Spiller’s scenes from New York’s notoriously crime-ridden subway system retrospectively tell a different story, one of glitz and colour, curiosity and amusement. Today we can look back at his images with a more objective feeling, finding not the sensationalism, danger, and voyeurism proclaimed by the media at the time, but rather the fascination of this young European newcomer to the Big Apple with its people, neon lights, movement, and relentless energy. Captured on Kodachrome slide film, Spiller’s visions of the city’s sordid underground transportation system fall right in line with other pioneers who first documented New York in colour.