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(Vogue Paris) (Par Roman Polanski)


Paris: Vogue, Dec/1976
Condition: Good, Shelfwear, Rubbed edges, A few scratches on the front cover. Also,one bumped edge. (See the photos.) Inside is very good condition. Text in French

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

French Vogue magazine, rare edition dated December 1975 - January 1976. A double issue that is twice as sought after!
This issue is guest edited by Roman Polanski. Contains snapshots from his photo diary - including a genius spread of Roman contemplating his Ted Lapidus tie whilst waiting to be served dinner at Maxims. Followed by a photo of his plate of caviar et oeufs. Way ahead of the modern equivalent - posting food porn on Instagram.

Many images relating to his films, actresses he worked with (including Nastassja Kinski), Bruce Lee (yes!) and a wonderful photo of Sharon Tate from Polanski's private collection (full page).

A fantastic photo shoot on the theme of Pirates, by Harry Benson, which was shot on the island of Seychelles for a 20 page story starring Polanski and Nastassia Kinski.

This issue also features fashion shoots by Uli Rose, Henry Clarke and Guy Bourdin (2 separate fashion editorials by Bourdin).

There is an additional 6 page Photo Fantasmes story by Bourdin and a further 8 page beauty shoot by Bourdin.

Sarah Moon shoots a 4 page Barry Lyndon Stanley Kubrick feature.