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(Untitled) (Seditionaries) (9 books set)


Tokyo: Mo'des Tokyo, 2017, Ltd of 1500, 9 books in slipcase, A4 size, 1468 pages in total, 10kg.
Condition: Good, The books are very good condition. Slipcase has a few bumped corners with torn in a few centimeters.

Shipped from Germany. No,return.
The books are sent with a protective cardboard box without any extra protection. Because,it‘s just 10kg with the box. There is a big difference between over 10kg on shipping cost. (i.e. to US £75 up to 10kg, £130 over 10kg) Please,contact us if you need some extra protection. We need to re-calculate the additional shipping cost.

1971-1984. Various movements such as fashion, music and art that were created during this period inspired and continue to inspire many people while remaining underground. The art book "UNTITLED" covering 9 volumes, includes 1468 pages comprehensively retrospecting this scene.