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(Sohrab Hura)(ソウラブ・フラ) (Look It’s Getting Sunny Outside!!!)


Haryana: Ugly Dog 2018
Condition: As New,Signed,1st Edition, Ltd of 600

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

The third book from SWEET LIFE, following 'Life is Elsewhere' and 'A Proposition For Departure' finally closes the entire work completely. While 'Life is Elsewhere' was an autobiographical journal full of doubts and hesitation, 'Look It's Getting Sunny Outside!!!' chapters the confrontation with reality that follows the preceding doubt. 'Over the years when my mother’s condition started to improve I started to photograph at home more. Apart from my mother the focus of the photographs also included her dog Elsa who had been her sole companion at home for many years and also the house itself whose condition deteriorated or improved as my mother’s illness regressed or progressed. Her relationship with Elsa which had substituted intimate human contact as simple as touch or conversation all these years, had played a big part in my mother’s improvement. In the late winter of 2014 Elsa died having grown old in her 13th year. That winter was a strange one because for the first time it had rained everyday and the sun wasn’t seen on most days. Towards the end my mother had even opened up to my father with whom she had separated almost 15 years ago. It was her separation with him that had triggered her illness in the first place.'