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(Sofia Coppola)(The Virgin Suicides Photo Book)


Tokyo: Petit Grand Publishing,1st edition.
Condition: Good, Spine has been discolored slightly. There is a few millimeters torn on Obi-band.

Hardcover with Obi-band, 124 pages, 19 x 13 cm. Text in Japanese and English

Shipped from Germany

Published exclusively in Japan in 2000, this beautiful book features Sofia Coppola's photographs taken on the set of The Virgin Suicides, her critically acclaimed feature directorial debut, as well as some pictures by Corinne Day.
Although it had a very small theatrical release, The Virgin Suicides is often listed among the greatest coming-of-age films ever made and has later become a contemporary classic. "Often, movies about teenagers are dumbed down with cheap photography. There aren’t a lot of quality art films made for young audiences", Coppola explained. "But I wanted to treat them with respect, to look properly at that deep, emotional time. I wanted to make something beautiful and poetic for girls, because I didn’t see that—so I made something that I wanted to see.”