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(Ray Petri) (Buffalo)(German edition)


Munich: Schirmer/Mosel, Hardcover, 1st edition, 2000, German language.
Condition: Good, Shelfwear, rubbed edges, some dent and scratches on dust jacket. The book is very good condition. Heavy book over 2kg.

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

This is the story of the legendary Ray Petri and his gang Buffalo, who started a revolution in the 1980s in the world of fashion and style. Starting from the street and bringing together all their different influences, backgrounds and individual talents, mixing them with music and photography, Buffalo was born, and soon in demand by high fashion establishments around the world, and later influenced a generation of designers.
Many people have defined the 80s as the decade in which style triumphed over substance, but Petri's work under the Buffalo "label" was, in many ways, the antithesis of the decade's slick image-making. Buffalo was, first and foremost, a product of the DIY post-punk aesthetic, a certain kind of attitude—one not for sale in stores, but yours to create.