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(Perry Ogden) (Pony Kids)


Berlin: Aperture, 1999, Hardcover
Condition: New, Sealed copy

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

"If you're on bareback you're with the horse... The feeling is youse are together, youse are clicking, you know what I mean, but if you're on a saddle youse are floating on a lump of leather you're not on a horse, but when you are on bareback it's a total feeling, you know. You are with the horse all the way and you feel every move that the horse is making going through that park. You might as well just sit on the ground and fucking run along the ground on you all fours on a saddle cos that's what it's like. When you are bareback you are bonding, you are with the horse, you're touching each other. I think that's the best but I couldn't even afford a saddle, I wouldn't even go there, put it that way, cos I couldn't afford a saddle, no way."--Natalie Smith