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(Paul Graham) (ポール・グラハム)(End of an Age)

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Zurich : Scalo 1999 Hardcover
Condition: Very good, minor shelfwear, rubbed edges and spine on dust jacket, the book is fine condition.

Shipped from Germany

In End of an Age, British photographer Paul Graham captures the threshold moments that mark the ending of adolescence, the small slice of time between youthful indulgence and the emerging awareness of adult responsibilities. It is a situation that each of knows and remembers all too well, a traumatic time. And it is often the threshold of a profound psychological transformation – a chartless sea in which one might successfully navigate, get becalmed, or simply drown.
The photographs alternate between ultra-sharp direct flash images and the opposite extreme, with loose available-light photographs, saturated with color, blurred and sometimes poorly focused. A long, inquiring, and elegiac look at young white adults facing an uncertain future after the end of white, Western mono-culture."