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(Miroslav Peterka & Bohumil Hrabal) (Toto mesto je ve spolecne peci obyvatel)


Prague: Ceskoslovensky Spisovatel, Hardcover, 1967
Condition: Acceptable, The book is good condition. Pages are yellowed by aging. Fair condition on dust jacket, Some torn, Rubbed edges, yellowed by aging. See the photos.

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

"Peterka details a familiar iconography of photographic melancholia - abstracted signs, mysterious doorways, peeling and crumbling walls, miserable-looking people on the streets, a broken mask lying by a lamp-post. With these apparent clichés, he creates an atmosphere of gloom and uncertainty, mirroring the alienated lives of modern man. Generally, Peterka`s subtle, poetic cry of despair confirms the prevailing mood in a number of books in postwar Europe, where the blighted psychological mood remained long after the conflict had ended." (Parr & Badger)