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(Juergen Teller)(ユルゲン・テラー)(Taschen 1996)


Köln: Taschen
Condition: Very Good, Shelfwear, Sunfaded edges around spine on dust jacket

English & German, 1996,Hardcover with dust jacket.

Shipped from Germany

Prominent german photographer Juergen Teller's first published monograph includes 200 illustrations of his earlier work, featuring candid portraits of Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood, Linda Evangelista, Patti Smith, Stella Tennant amongst many others. It includes a conversation/interview between Teller himself, art critic Neville Wakefield and art director and stylist Venetia Scott.

Juergen Teller’s photographs embrace the idiosyncrasies of his subjects and the spontaneity of the moment, successfully navigating both the fine art and commercial world since beginning his career. Teller does not distinguish between his commercial and non-commercial work, treating all of his subjects—family members, celebrities, and himself—with a uniform style of grit and raw emotion that has become his iconic and recognizable aesthetic. Although he often parodies fashion photography, he is very much a participant in it, promoting the industry as he criticizes it. Teller subjects his models to unflattering angles, uses a bright, harsh flash, and never retouches his photographs, exposing the myth of idealized beauty that airbrushed fashion images offer.