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(Ikko Kagari & others) (Molester Train)(Chikan Densha)


Tokyo: Otoshobo, Softcover,
Condition: Very good, Japanese language,

Shipped from Germany.

Japanese photographer Ikko Hikaru's photo book "Molester Train" Infrared Photo Document ". The details of his career are not disclosed because he is described as a "close-up photographer". In the early 80s, Tsuji bought an infrared camera at a certain opportunity, and published a book “Document -Commuter-” composed of illustrations taken for the latter half of the year. Numerous illustrations taken with a focus on "Molestering" and "Back of Skirt" on a commuter train depict an unknown world of darkness. A live-action picture of the reality of human sexuality and desire from a cold perspective, with an excellent shadow depiction and a unique composition, a picture that captures the night park scenery with the same infrared strobe as well as eroticism Reminiscent of Kohei Ieyoshi, it is highly regarded overseas as an unparalleled group of photographs. This book does not have a photographer's credit notation, but it has a special feature entitled `` Secret Photoshooter / Ikko Hikari's Dark Infrared Voyeur Corner '