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(Hot Love) (Swiss Punk & Wave 1976-1980)


Zurich : Edition Patrick Frey
Condition: New, Sealed copy, 2nd edition
Softcover, 324 pages, English and German

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

Hot Love – Swiss Punk & Wave 1976-1980 tells the fascinating story of the pioneering Swiss Punk scene from the beginning. The whole story, in all its facets and details, the music, people, scenes, cities, events—all told in chronological order. This second edition with text in English and German will be released after the great success, and major international interest in the first book, published in 2006 with text in German and French.
The Swiss Punk scene emerged in Zurich and Geneva around the same time it started in London and New York, in 1976. Hot Love starts at the very beginning and recounts the complete story until 1980, when Punk went political and much of the energy of the first generation was lost. What united the first generation was being fed up with mainstream culture, the quest for something new, exciting, wild, and loud. Hot Love is the result of several years of research, and features the often amazing pioneering work from this “lost“ Swiss culture of design, music, and production. The ingenuinity, energy, and quality of this era is made visible in Hot Love with posters and record covers (e.g. Peter Fischli for Kleenex and Hertz), comics and fanzines (e.g. Paul Ott or Bob Fischer), music (among them Dieter Meier, Yello, Rudolph Dietrich, Nasal Boys, Kurt Maloo, Troppo, The Bucks, Crazy, Grauzone, TNT, Sperma, Fresh Color), photographs (e.g. Livio Piatti, Pietro Mattioli and the concert images of Roland Stucky, then photographer for Zurich daily Tages-Anzeiger), movies (e.g. René Uhlmann), as well as self-designed clothing (e.g. the famous ZIP-boot by Stefi Talman). Hot Love’s book design revisits the style of the era, and is executed with care and passion by award-winning Swiss designers Tania Prill and Alberto Viecelli. Hot Love won the award for the most beautiful Swiss book 2006. Hot Love is vivacious proof of individuality and the spirit of “do it yourself“. Hot Love is not just another book about Punk, but a personal, humorous, and inspiring anthology on five formative and important years in Switzerland.
Text by: Lurker Grand, Sam Mumenthaler, André Tschan, Rudolph Dietrich, Silvano Cerutti, Nils Michaelis, Robert Fischer, Hollow Skai, Paul Ott, Peter Preissle, Manon, Patrick Schärer, Suzanne Zahnd, Alec von Tavel, Wildi, Marco Repetto, Ramona Carlier and many others.
Most beautiful Swiss books, 2006