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(Gabor Arion KUDASZ) (Human)


Budapest: Self-published, 1st edition, 2018
Condition: New, Ltd of 500, Numbered copy

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

In HUMAN, Gábor Arion Kudász brings the classic image of the worker to a contemporary level. With a simple element - the brick, Kudász succeeds in astonishing and touching us. The photographs carry us away like in a time capsule into the age of manual work, effort and calloused hands. Workers making bricks were photographed from 2014-2016 in Eastern European countries. We see a production machinery spitting out loamy masses of freshly formed, angular products on an assembly line. I can feel the material, the strain and heat, and think of sweat marks, the smell of dust, aprons and old working gloves. But wait – is there something wrong?! The workers, depicted as in a socialist picture book, behave in an unusual way. They begin to alienate their product and interact with it as if the clay block was the prop of a big stage production. They use it for performative games, point out proportions and give measurements.