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(Esaias Baitel) (Zonen)


Stockholm: Bokomotiv
Condition: Good, Rubbed edges, Minor shelfwear with a couple of scratches on front cover. Hardcover, 1982

Shipped from Germany

"In the nineteen seventies, photographer Esaias Baitel lived in France, in the Parisian suburb of Aubervilliers, for five years, which, among other things, resulted in a book and an exhibition that has toured the world. Zonen describes a neighborhood where motor bikes, rock and roll, and swastikas go hand in hand. In order to get close to these (Rockers), Esaias had to tell them that he was a Swede of Walloon origin. To introduce himself as a Jew in this environment would not have been cool. The photos do not show lost or mislead youths, but take us very close to a integrated subculture, with entire families and small children. / There are a lot of films and documentaries about the problems that immigrants encounter in France. Here we get to see the pictures of the other side. Confrontations are not hard to imagine."--the publisher.