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(David Luraschi) (Ensemble)


Marseille: Loose Joints
Condition: New, 1st edition, 2021

Shipped from Germany.

David Luraschi’s Ensemble is a gradual, sensual yet tender series in which bodies mingle, fuse, and eventually are absorbed by the landscape that surrounds them. Luraschi evokes the spirit of the windswept Provençal wetlands of the Camargue: Europe’s largest river delta, to the west of Marseille and south of Arles, an area of salt flats known for its wildness: untamed by nature, flat and desolate, but punctuated with apocryphal myths, vagabond settlers, flamingoes and wild horses. Luraschi builds on this wildness with his choreographed nudes, interlocked beyond individuality, always turned from the camera, fused in an oblique embrace; charged, tender, uncomfortable, intimate yet anonymous.