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(Coco Capitan) (ココ・カピタン) (Middel Point Between My House and China)


London: Maximilian William, 2017
Condition: As New
400 copies
Signed copy

The book explores the reality of China through the lens of her childhood dreams about the world’s most populous country. It reveals Coco’s personal relationship with China following multiple trips to the country. As a child, Coco thought of China as the most remote place in the world and that, if she dug deep down enough in her garden, she would reach it at the other side of her tunnel. When she realised this was impossible, she decided to establish herself in the ‘Middle Point Between My House & China’. A trope the artist uses to describe both the figurative action and the literal location. ‘China’ represented the desire to run away, the attainment of her goals; while 'House' was her present reality.