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(Chad Moore) (Anyone in love with you)

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Berlin: Dienacht Publishing, 2014
Condition: Very Good, Shelfwear and Rubbed corners on slip case. Also,there is a minor dent on the front of the slip case.(See the photo.) Book is very good condition.
Ltd of 600.

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

Chad Moore's Anyone in love with you (already knows) is a journey with a group of young people, a night, a weekend or a life of desire, of love, of lust. They want to have fun and to let go, they feel like doing crazy things, hormone levels are high, they are teenagers or young adults and they don't care...

But in Chad Moore's eye, things also stay soft in a certain way, no alcohol or drug is shown, the skin and nudity are very simple and always joyful or passionate... he succeeds in conveying the wildness of the moment and the underlying desire without being intrusive or voyeur, and offers raw portraits, mainly of young girls, that seem quite common but always display a form of love and an energy that builds throughout the book.

A not so unusual setting, no real story, simple portraits, but somehow a quite interesting and quite powerful book!