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(Akira Tateishi) (Nudes in Marine Blue)


Tokyo: Haga Shoten, 1st printing,1979, Hardcover with Dust jacket and clear plastic cover. Japanese language.
Condition: Good, Rubbed edges, Edges are slightly yellowed by aging. Pages are excellent condition.

Shipped from Germany

A collection of works by Japanese photographer Akira Tateishi (1930-2021) "Nudes in Marine Blue". a pioneer of "underwater photographers," has published numerous works with motifs such as "coral," "dolphin," and "fish," which convey the beauty of the sea, He has created numerous photographs set in the "sea", such as the launch of the diving magazine "Marine Diving". And this book is published in the 70's, a collection of works composed of illustrations and corals of female nudes taken underwater when he was a student, he majored in oil painting and drew still images of women, but in a sense, "stability" was boring. Tateishi, who saw new discovery in the figure of a woman swimming freely in the sea, its "instability" and "the beauty of the moment" in the infinite flow, is motivated to create it.