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(Phillip Lim & Viviane Sassen) (More Than Our Bellies)


New York: Phillip Lim
Condition: As New, Ltd of 500

More Than Our Bellies, a cookbook by Phillip Lim & Viviane Sassen. Design by Roosje Klap.

"Let me be honest with you – I am not a chef, and this is not a traditional cookbook. The recipes are personal and perhaps naive, but over the years they have allowed me to express myself and share my joy of cooking with loved ones. More importantly, this book is about expressing love by sharing inspiration.

So I asked my friend Viviane Sassen, a kindred spirit, to take this journey with me. Her art is a continuous source of discovery. Her photographs transport me to places that I dream about and long to return to – they help me to be present in these quietly powerful and profound moments of real life. To put it simply, she inspires me in every way and I am so proud of what we have made together: a conversation between two friends, a desire to share love, a manifestation of both worlds intertwined, and all the things that nourish us.

– Phillip Lim