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(Mary Frey) (Real Life Dramas)


Berlin: Peperoni Books, 2018
Condition: New, Signed, 1st edition,

Shipped from Germany.

“Mary Frey offers drama – interpretations of human experience that are cogent and valuable on their own terms – but not the dramatic, meaning: nothing that aspires or demands to be taken as larger than it actually is. If thus easily stated, this achievement should not at all be considered easily realized; for hers is not only one of communicating meaningful subject matter, but also of that subversion of the subject matter of life – the ethereal reversal effected by formal control – that is the mark of a unique sensibility at work....In Frey’s reckoning of the distance between truth and slant – which, to be clear, is both in and of the pictures themselves – we make the measure of the photographer, of the idiosyncratic and separate sensibility.”
— Tim Carpenter