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(France Grand) (フランス・グランド) (Comme des Garçons)

£55.00 / Sold Out

Munich: Schirmer/Mosel, German Edition.
Condition: Acceptable, See the photos. There is a 4 cm scar on the back cover. On dust jacket, Shelfwear, There is a 4mm torn on the spine,also there is a 5cm torn with 15cm scar by paper knife on the back of the dust jacket. Inside is clean and excellent condition. NO,RETURN.

Shipped from Germany

Her mysterious creations are often closer to sculpture than clothing. Ragged, asymmetric, voluminous, or distressed, Kawakubo's designs mix eastern and western influences to articulate new shapes and a new definition of beauty. A figure at once rigorous, daring, and intellectual, this reclusive Japanese designer consistently receives praise from the press each season, both for her effect on new trends in beauty and for influencing the newest wave of young talent. Restlessly innovative, Rei Kawakubo has overturned every fashion convention over the past twenty-five years, ultimately redefining the very meaning of fashion itself.