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(Doug Biggert) (Hitch-Hikers)


Brussels: Husson,2007,In English and French,Softcover

Condition: Very good, Shelfwear and Rubbed edges.

Shipped from Germany. No,return.

Good Samaritan and amateur photographer, Doug Biggert, photographed nearly 500 pictures of hitchhikers he picked up on his 40 year long journey, in Northern California between the 1970s and today. Biggert first assembled a substantial number of pictures, carrying a binder full of them in his car,he showed them to hitchers he picked up and wanted to photograph--doing so, he said, "made explanation simpler." Himself an outsider, Biggert obsessively collated his images of roadside Americans, which now retrospectively ,and inadvertently, chronologically documents the changing face of America itself.