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(Cig Harvey) (You An Orchestra You A Bomb)


Amsterdam: Schilt
Condition: New, 1st edition, Signed

Shipped from Germany

Cig Harvey's third monograph, You An Orchestra You A Bomb , is a vibrant and bold book; possibly her most beautiful to date. It explores the photographer's relationship with life itself. It is a book about paying attention to and appreciating the fragile present. You An Orchestra You A B omb captures moments of awe, makes icons of the everyday, and looks at life on the threshold between magic and disaster. Cig has always experienced the world viscerally but after a traumatic event, a raw heightened awareness of temporary nature of life permeates this new work. Through breathless moments of beauty, her images propel us to fathom the sacred in the split seconds of everyday. Cig's photographs are interwoven with her int imate poetry in this hauntingly beautiful book.